The Protect II project aims to build upon the capacity of professionals who work with and for vulnerable migrants and minority groups in Ireland. It specifically aims  to identify and  effectively address the needs of  potential  or suspected victims of trafficking (VOTS)  and  sexual gender-based violence (SGBV). We are currently in the stage of conducting focus group and stakeholder meetings to gather important qualitative data for our mapping exercise, which will inform the specific needs to be addressed through the training curriculum.

During these focus group and stakeholder  meetings, we will  discuss  and identify with service providers and service users the  specific challenges faced by migrants and ethnic minorities in identifying  and providing assistance and protection to victims of  trafficking  and SGBV.

We invite you to register and participate in the consultation group that bests fits your experience and expertise and that of your organization. We also invite you to share this calendar with other stakeholders  and organizations  that  may be interested in participating. Each focus group will be an hour and a half in length, and we will encourage an interactive discussion which will be facilitated by the Protect II consultants.


Tuesday, June 29

9:30am-11am: Diaspora/Migrant Groups 1 – Register Here

12:30pm-2pm: Romani Services – Register Here

Wednesday, June 30

10am-11:30am: TiP Services – Register Here

1pm-2:30pm: Statutory Services – Register Here

Thursday, July 1

10am-11:30am: Traveller Services – Register Here

1pm-2:30pm: GBV Services – Register Here

Friday, July 2

12pm-1:30pm: Migrant Services – Register Here

2:30pm-4pm: Diaspora/Migrant Groups 2 – Register Here

Monday, July 5

2:30pm-4pm: Safe Ireland – Register Here


If you interested in participating but are unable to attend a focus group meeting, we invite you to instead complete this  brief, 10-minute survey for service providers and service users. The survey form can be accessed here. We also invite you to share this survey within your network.

For more information please contact Charlene Sadik